EMC & マイクロウェーブ関連機器 カテゴリー

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Amplifier Research A Series:25w ~ 20kw, 10kHz-400MHz
Amplifier Research W Series:50w ~ 10kw, 80MHz-1000MHz
Amplifier Research U Series:1w ~ 500w, 10kHz-1000MHz
Amplifier Research S Series:15w ~ 1000w, 700MHz-18GHz
Amplifier Research T Series:40w ~ 1500w, 2.5GHz-50GHz
Amplifier Research Pulse Amplifier:1kw ~ 15kw, 1GHz-4GHz

理化学装置 カテゴリー

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Cryogenic Limited Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Cryostats, Cryogen Free Neutron Scattering & Beam-Line Magnet Systems, Split Pair Magnet System With Optical Access, Cryogen Free Vector Field & Multi-Axis Magnet Systems
Cryogenic Limited Relaxation Calorimeter for measurement of heat capacity at temperatures 2 – 300 K